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Say goodbye to forgotten tasks, missed deadlines and misplaced documents. The revolutionary Loop platform is like your virtual assistant that streamlines every aspect of the real estate transaction.

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Are you a real estate agent who’s hit a plateau because you’re overwhelmed with day-to-day communications, tasks and admin? We see you.

Sign on for the Loop platform to automate, delegate and manage every aspect of the real estate transaction—from client inquiry to closing—in just a few clicks

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Let’s Simplify Real Estate Sales

Buying and selling a home is one of the largest financial transactions most people ever make. Emotions are high with seemingly endless negotiations, paperwork and intricacies to navigate. Loop streamlines the process for both the agent and the client by putting all of the information and documents in one simple platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With automated agent tasks, a place for clients to self-upload documents and an automated question response system, Loop is Canada’s premier Real Estate Transaction Management Solution.

It’s Time to Automate Real Estate

Stay in-the-know with Showings and Door Unlock notifications and Feedback notifications. Get oh-so-organized with a Task List for Clients, a Centralized Document Warehouse and a Transaction Tracker which covers Pre-listing, Active Listing, Conditional and Firm Sale. There’s also a Complete Transaction Calendar, a tracker for important dates and deadlines, a Contact List and Comprehensive Buyer/Seller Profiles that include everything about your client needs and property.

Busy realtors, get your time back with Loop.


Automate your admin—so you can focus on better things, like growing your business—with this unique and revolutionary platform for Canadian Real Estate Transactions

Build Trust

By streamlining communications and giving clients access to documents and information, you’ll give them a better understanding of the intricacies of the buy/sell process (and why they need an experienced agent like you to help navigate it), and make them feel valued and informed.

Grow Your Business

Loop helps you gain control of your daily tasks, so you can get out from under the admin, and focus on growing your business. The platform’s Goals Dashboard helps you set and track annual milestones, and the Templates feature makes email and checklist creation easy.

Easily Automate

Loop saves you precious time and energy by automating and redistributing tasks you don’t need to do. Clients can upload documents and receive requests for showings, plus accept, reject or propose a new time.

Stay Secure

Loop is designed with built-in SSL technology, which encrypts information, making it impossible to read while it’s in transit between users or systems. This guarantees your personal data and communications are safe and secure.

Keep Clients In the Know

No more unanswered texts and emails. Loop’s automated system answers client questions before they ever ask.


Are your clients in the dark when it comes to their real estate transactions?

As the premier Canadian real estate transaction management platform, Loop shines a light on every step of the buy and sell process.

A Streamlined Solution

From prospect to purchase, Loop is the one stop shop for everything related to the real estate buy/sell process. From sharing real estate goals to notifications on booked showings and required deadlines for document signing, everything happens in the Loop client mobile app!

Clients Stay In-the-Know

Loop provides an unprecedented level of transparency when it comes to the agent’s client. Clients obtain information about a desired property or transaction when they need it, in just a few clicks. Through the app’s calendars and tasks features, the client can track everything the agent is doing to acquire or sell their property. Buyers and sellers are notified in real-time regarding key transaction details such as when a viewing is booked or feedback is provided.

Transaction Tracking

Buyers and sellers get visibility into where they’re at in the real estate transaction process—whether it’s Pre-listing, Active Listing, Conditional or Firm Sale—with Loop’s convenient tracker.

Comprehensive Buyer/Seller Profiles

Clients easily add/update details themselves and their real estate goals to ensure their profile is accurate and up-to-date for their representing agent.

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  • 15 Buyer or Seller Transactions per. year
  • Access to all current Loop Platform features
  • Secure Encryption
  • Document Warehouse
  • Task Manager
  • Appointment Manager
  • Feedback Manager
  • Loop Mobile App For Clients
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Resource Vault
  • Discount on future features
  • *Note: Loop for Life includes all Loop features as of the date you sign-up. When new features are added, they will either be included in Loop for Life tier or available at a discount.

Success Stories

“As realtors we are busy and things get forgotten but now that I have Loop I feel confident nothing gets missed on my deals!”

Mark L

Calgary Realtor

“Being a first time buyer was nerve wracking but having an app that reminded me of tasks and dates was super helpful!!”

Carrie M

FIrst Time Buyer

“I’m only 6 months into real estate and sometimes feel lost, the resources and pre loaded tasks lists in Loop have been so helpful for me.”

Apryl B

Calgary Realtor

“Love having all my documents in one place for myself, my assistant and my client!!”

Paul N

Ontario Realtor

“Yay!!! Loop just advised me my house is a firm sale!! So cool, You’re the best”

Sharon S

Property Seller

“I have been using Loop on your behalf as your Assistant for the past few months. It is very user friendly and keeps everything organized for both the agent and assistant for easy access. Being able to set up tasks and keep track of both the listings and sales in one place is also a great feature.Loop has been very easy to learn and is a great platform.”

Jill S

Calgary Unlicensed Assistant

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